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THE HENSON DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, INC. (THC), a 100% family owned and operated minority-owned business enterprise, is a fully integrated real estate developer, consultant and program manager based in Baltimore, Maryland.

The president and founder of THC is Dan Henson, a successful developer who has a distinguished private and public sector career in housing. Founded in 2000, the company is committed to providing full service real estate development services in urban and progressive communities.

THC has had particularly detailed experience with HUD's HOPE VI Program. HOPE VI is an innovative program; that if implemented well, can re-energize former public housing developments into mixed-income, mixed-use communities for more sustainable and stable communities, offering a comprehensive vehicle to revitalize neighborhoods that nurture and support an improved quality of life for the families who reside there.

THC has worked on or is currently working on real estate development projects totaling over $400 Million dollars of 2000 new affordable and market-rate units in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Florida. Additionally, THC serves as a consultant on numerous assignments across the country.